Annual Program Review

Each year, the NSUF program staff along with a select group of researchers gather to present their progress and gain feedback from the Department of Energy and others. This year's meeting took place Nov. 1-2 in Germantown, Maryland. 

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Welcome and Introductions Rory Kennedy -- NSUF Director
DOE-NE Perspective and FY 2017 Outlook Alison Hahn -- DOE-NE NSUF Program Manager
NSUF FY 2016 Overview Status Rory Kennedy -- NSUF Director
FY 2016 Challenges Dan Ogden -- NSUF Deputy Director
Experiment Awards and Status Jeff Benson -- NSUF Program Administrator
Metrics Jeff Benson -- NSUF Program Administrator
Overview of PIE Activities Collin Knight -- NSUF PIE Project Manager
Overview of Irradiation Activities Brenden Heidrich -- NSUF Capabilities Coordinator
Industry Program Update John Jackson -- NSUF Industry Programs Lead
NSUF Communications Update Sarah Robertson -- NSUF Communications Specialist
Nuclear Energy Infrastructure Database Jonathan Kirkham -- NSUF Scientific Support Professional
Nuclear Fuels and Materials Library Kelly Cunningham -- NSUF Fuels and Materials Library Coordinator
NSUF Users Organization Overview Yong Yang -- NSUF Users Organization Chair

Irradiation testing of LWR additively
manufactured materials

Ron Horn -- GE-Hitachi Chief Scientist
Irradiation performance testing of specimens produced by commercially available additive manufacturing techniques

Jeff King -- Colorado School of Mines Associate Professor
Enhancing irradiation tolerance of steels via nanostructuring by innovative manufacturing techniques

Haiming Wen -- ISU Research Assistant Professor and INL Staff Scientist
Effect of gamma irradiation on the microstructure and mechanical properties of nanomodified concrete

Florence Sanchez -- Vanderbilt University Associate Professor
Understanding the microstructural evolution and mechanical performance of duplex structure stainless steels upon LWRs operation conditions using the advanced high energy X-ray technologies Yong Yang -- University of Florida Associate Professor
Feasibility of combined ion-neutron irradiation for accessing high dose levels

Zhijie Jiao -- University of Michigan Associate Research Scientist
Ion irradiations as a surrogate for neutron irradiation: microstructure and cluster evolution Matthew Swenson -- Boise State University Graduate Student
Radial heat flux -- Irradiation synergism in SiC ATF cladding Yutai Katoh -- Oak Ridge National Laboratory Research Scientist